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Sports Betting in USA is not a new concept as a number of states had already set up legal frameworks that permitted engaging in gambling with sports betting being part of this package. However, many people from other states felt locked out because they were limited to only betting in online platforms which have proven very hard to regulate because they are not hindered by geographical or physical borders. What we are trying to get at is that there are people out there who have had an opportunity to try it out before and are more knowledgeable in this area. It’s you we want!

In the spirit of making Riders Match a super interactive platform, we’ve ensured that our readers fully participate by not only reading but also contributing content. We therefore welcome you whether you are new to sports betting in USA or beyond, or whether you are seasoned at this, to share your insights, experiences and take on how current developments such as lifting the US sports betting ban will affect the industry.

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