About Us

Riders Match is an online sports betting website that offers news and general information about various topical issues and trends that touch on sports betting in USA. Because gambling is one of the oldest professions as well as past time activities, it just made sense for us to have a place where people could access resource material from, to improve their partaking in this interesting activity.

In as much as sports betting was limited to a few states in the USA, this was not a hindrance to our platform Riders Match growing in popularity among sports bettors. The availability of online platforms made sports betting in USA to thrive in spite of an existing federal ban because it’s proven a bit of a challenge to regulate online gambling. However, our platform has even become more relevant following the lifting of the US sports betting ban.

We have seen a rapid increase in our subscriber base over the past couple of weeks with more and more people now looking to join the sports betting bandwagon as they can now legally engage in it from any part of the US without a worry. This is a platform that will be of tremendous benefit to you whether pro or amateur.